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the last game of the day was over and Felix hopped down to help Ralph up out of the mud.
"thanks."Ralph said wiping the mud off himself.Felix smiled and nodded.Felix grabed his hand and locked his fingers with Ralphs.Ralph smiled and they started walking.they had talked randomly about different video games.
came from behind them,causing Felix to jump.they turned around to see a few ducks looking at them.Felix gulped and backed up a little.
"oh ducks."Ralph smiled.
the two ducks replied.Felix let go of Ralphs hand and stepped back as the taller played with the duck walked over to Felix looking at him quacked and flew at him.Felix screamed and ducked down quickly,but the duck snatched his hat.Ralph jumped at his screamed and looked towards him.a few ducks surrowned him.Ralph glared and stomped over.
"hey!beat it!"Ralph shouted.they started flying off."and give me that!"Ralph grawled and snatched the hat back from the duck.Felix stayed curled in the fetal positon at the base of a tree,shaking like a leaf on a tree.Ralph looked at him worriedly.he knelt down and rested a hand on his back."Felix?"Ralph ask softly.Felix shakely sat up and looked around.he jumped at Ralph and cruled in his arms when a duck quacked from not far away.Ralph was surprized when the small frightful man landed in his arms shaking even harder if possible.Ralph held onto the fix-it man.he tried as best he could to calm Felix.he carried Felix to his appartment.he relaxed on his couch with the smaller of the two still curled up on him,though his shaking had lessened."Lixie,you ok?"Ralph ask.Felix nodded.
"i think so."Felix replied hiss voice quiet and small.Ralph moved one hand and placed Felix's hat back where it belonged.wide,scared,innocent baby blue eye's looked up at the hat.he lifted a hand removed the hat looking at it."how'd you get this back?"Felix ask moving the hat to his lap..
"i wacked the duck and took it."Ralph replied.he felt Felix giggle and Ralph smiled.
"thanks,Ralphy."Felix said and snuggled in closer to Ralph.
"your welcome Lixie."Ralph smiled and kissed the top of Felix's head,causing the smaller to blush."good thing Vanellope had that race today."Ralph said.Felix murmured in agreement.Ralph sighed and rested his chin on Felix's head.after a moment of silence Felix spoke.
"did i ever mention how much i hate ducks?"Felix ask.Ralph just laughed.
Felix x Ralph!
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July 24, 2013
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