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Felix shook and pressed against the counter.he was in a ball on the floor with his back pressed against the counter,trying to stay as far away from the windows as he could.the thunder roared outside the game consol causing him to yelp and press even further into the counter.
"Fix-it!i'm home!!"Calhoun shouted.she heard thunder and Felix's yelp and quickly made her way to the kitchen.she didn't expect to see what she saw when she got into the kitchen.Felix was curled in a ball he looked like he was trying to hide.he looked like he'd never even heard her.worried she knelt down beside him."Felix?"Calhoun ask.she gently reached out and pulled him into her."hey,Honeyglow you ok?"Calhoun ask.Felix nodded but didn't reply."whats wrong?why are you trying to become part of the counter?"Calhoun ask.the thunder outside roared and caused their house to shake slightly.Felix whimpered and curled up into a ball finally clicked in her mind."oh,Honeyglow."Calhoun cooed.she had a small smiled on her face as she cuddled him to her chest."why didn't you tell me you were scared of thunder?"Calhoun ask.Felix shook his head.
"it's not the thunder that scares me it's that when the thunder happens the power flickers.i'm afraid the powers gonna go out and i'll forget everything."Felix said his voice muffled slightly by his knee's."but the thing i'm worried about most is forgetting you.leaving you,Vanellope,and me and Ralphs friendship all behind.i'm afraid of losing the only family i've ever hand."Felix sobbed.he was scared of losing the only family he'd ever had?
"what do you mean by that?what about your parents?"Calhoun ask.
"my mom died after giving birth to my sister and my pa got unplugged."Felix replied.he sniffled and tried to calm down.he clung to Calhouns tshirt when the thunder caused the game to flicker.Calhoun had one hand on Felix's back and the other playing with his hair gently,trying to calm him.she stood with him and carried him to the couch sitting down.she curled up around him.
"i know how you feel.your the only family i have Fix-it.all i have left is right here in front of me."Calhoun said.her heart ached a little when Felix jumped up from the sound of the thunder.Calhoun wasn't surprized though.he'd been plugged in for thirty-five years.he probably had some bad storm experiance's over his years.when it sounded and felt like the storm shook the building Felix begain his mind he could hear the wipping wind and the sound of glass shattering.that had been the first storm he'd ever experianced,a ever time a storm happens he thinks back.he'd almost lost his game that day he couldn't help but be terrified of storms now."hey,whats wrong?"Calhoun ask.Felix just shook his head his body shoaking so hard with sobbs he couldn't speak."shhhhh.hey it's alright Felix.calm down come on babe you can tell me."Calhoun cooed.Felix calmed down just enough to explain to her.
"and it almost took out my game."Felix sniffled.his tears still fell and still  shook like crazy.he started sobbing again while Calhoun was still thinking things over.Felix clung to her shaking and scared.she tried to calm him,rubbing his back and gently running her fingers through his hair.
"'s okey.i won't let anything happen to you.i promise."Calhoun cooed.she gently kissed the top of his head."come on short stack lets get to bed."Calhoun whispered.she kissed his head again and carried him to their bedroom.she layd down and curled up around him.she didn't go to sleep untill he was sound asleep.she smiled and kissed his forehead."good night Honeyglow."Calhoun whispered and closed her eye's.
Lilapsophobia is the fear of twisters or tornado's.
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August 24, 2013
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