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"woah!i'll get that you don't need to."Felix said.he knelt down and picked up the broken plate.
"i'm pregnate Fix-it not glass."Tamora smiled.
"your also due in three bending over,no heavey lifting."Felix said sternly.
"i don't care what you say Fix-it i will bend over if i need to.beside's it's not like i'm going to get stuck."Calhoun said.Vanellope came over afew hours later and took Calhoun to her game for a little while.Felix had just sat down to relax when he got a call.he picked up his phone and flipped it open.
"hello?"Felix ask cheerful.
"Vanellope!is something wrong?!"Felix ask.
"alright calm down Vanellope.are standing beside her?"Felix ask.he was paniking but he tried to remain calm.
"yes.she's right here."

"it's ok Tammy i'll be there soon."Felix said."alright Vanellope where are you guy's at?"Felix ask.
"we're in the bakery!we were making her a cart!it was my idea i'm sorry!i didn't mean for anything to happen Felix!"
Felix could hear the girl sobbing as he ran through GCS.
"Vanellope it's not your fault ok?"Felix ask.once she said ok he sighed."now put the phone where Tamora can hear me."Felix said.
"ok honey how bad are you stuck?"Felix ask.
"i don't know but it hurts Felix."
"alright hold stay on the line with me."Felix said.he raced into Hero's duty."i'm going to get Kohut and Dr.Wong ok?"Felix ask.
"ok.hurry Felix."
"don't worry.i will."Felix said.he gathered the two men and they raced to Sugar Rush."Vanellope."Felix said.
"yes Felix?"
"where's the bakery?"Felix ask.
"through the peppermint forest-"
"Ralph!you know where the bakery is in Sugar Rush right?"Felix ask.
"yeah but-"Ralph started.
"no time for buts lead the way now!"Felix ordered.Ralph started on his way."come on Ralph this is not a walk!Calhoun is hurt!"Felix shouted.they were halfway there when a scream came from the other side of the phone."Vanellope!what's wrong what happened?!"Felix ask.
"i-i-i don't know Felix!*sob deep breath*i'm scared what do i do?"
"it's ok Vanellope.we're in the bakery."Felix said.
"tell Ralph it's the cart we made."
"Vanellope says it's the cart you both made."Felix said.Ralph hit the button and Felix raced forward."Tamora!"Felix shouted.he slid to a stop beside her head and dropped onto his knee's.Calhoun grabed his hand in a nearly crushing grasp.
"hold on Sarge.we'll getcha out."Kohut said.they had been making the cart when some other mechianary spazzed and blew up knocking some boxes over and trapping Calhoun underneath them and betwen boxes and mechianary parts.
"get the stuff off her first."Dr.Wong ordered.Felix wanted to help but Calhoun had his hand so he pushed whatever he could off of her.
"i take it back Fix-it next time i say i don't care,remind me of this."Calhoun said with a choked laughed.Felix rolled his eye's and pushed some icing packages off of her and other candy decorations.he was pretty sure she'd broken his hand but he didn't care.
"alright now don't just jerk this stuff away.pull it away from her body gently."Dr.Wong instructed.Ralph and Kohut did as he said.
"Felix look out!"Vanellope shouted.Felix dove onto his hands and knee's above Calhoun as a stack of boxes fell over on top of them,they nearly crushed him but Felix wouldn't let himself fall on top of Calhoun.her head was the only thing that hadn't been hit with boxes and Felix wasn't about to let that change.
"Felix?"Ralph ask.
"don't worry."Felix replied.
"Felix."Dr.Wong said.
"yeah?"Felix ask.his voice strained as he wasbeing crushed under the boxes.
"is Calhoun still concious?"Dr.Wong ask.
"yes!now hurry up and get her out!"Felix shouted.
"did the boxes crush her chest?"Dr.Wong ask.
"no!but they're crushing his back so hurry up!!"Calhoun shouted.instantly they started to wedge the piece's from around her.once they got them far enough back for Dr.Wong to get to her,Ralph removed the boxes from Felix's back,so they didn't crush him or Calhoun.
"thanks."Felix groaned.he popped his back,though it hurt,and stood.he walked over to Vanellope who was sobbing."don't worry Vanny it's not your fault."Felix said softly.that was all it took she tackled him in a hug,clinging to his shirt."it's not your fault."Felix whispered.
I got this idea from watching an episode of Bones where she was pregnant and fell and had to call Booth for help.
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