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Tamora sat straight up in her bed.she put a hand to her head.she could feel the tears running down her face.
"pull yourself togethre you pussywillow."Calhoun huffed to herself.she stood from her bed and dried her face.dressed in her pj's she made her way out of Hero's Duty and towards Fix-it Felix Jr.she was not herself right now.she jumped at every sound and almost screamed when she heard Ralph snore as she walked by.she snuck up to Felix's house and climbed up and into the window.when she saw Felix sleeping she realized she didn't want to wake him so she snuck down stairs and layd on the couch.she curled in a ball and tried to sleep.she woke up from another nightmare and found herself on the floor.she heard the sound of feet.the lights flicked on and she looked up to see Felix come running down the stairs with a bat.
at least it's not his hammer...
Tamora thought.
"T-Tammy?Felix ask.slowly he lowered and dropped the bat."what are you doing here?"Felix ask walking over to her.
"i was trying to sleep but those stupid dreams keep coming back..."Tamora replied.
"what dreams?"Felix ask.Tamora shook her head.Felix realized what she ment and smiled.he reached out a hand to help her up."come on.let's go upstairs."Felix smiled.Tamora smiled back and took his hand.
"sorry i woke you."Tamora said.
"not a problem,but next time just come and lay on the bed.i don't want to come down here and almost hit you with a bat."Felix said.Tamora smiled and picked him up.she carried him up the stairs and into his room.they lay'd on the bed.
"i bet you wont me to tell you what those dreams were about huh?"Calhoun ask.
"i'm not going to try and force you into something you don't want to do.if you want to talk i'll listen and if you want to listen i'll find a book or something and read."Felix said.Tamora stared off into the distance.
"you deserve an explanation."Tamora said.she took a deep breath."it was about my real past not my programed backstory."Tamora said."my past is something nobody but the two other people who were there know about."Tamora sighed.
"you sure you want to do this?"Felix ask.Tamora nodded.she lifted the back of her shirt and let Felix look at the scars."i thought you got these from Hero's Duty."Felix whispered.Tamora shook her head.
"not all of started when i was three.i had certain times i was aloud to come day i went downstairs at the time i was supposed to be in my room,because i got sick."Tamora stared.she could already feel the tears in her eye's."and i sawaa my father beating the hell out of my mother.once he found out i knew he beat me to keep me from telling.when i was six he broke my arm when i ask if i could go outside."Tamora wiped away a tear."from then on it got worse.when i was eight he took out his pocket knife and a broken beer bottle,he did most the scars on my back that year.he broke both my arms when i was nine and threw me down the stairs when i was twelve.i stopped counting broken bones when i was fifteen and he'd already broken twenty.when i was was sixteen i stabbed the bastered in his sleep and my mother and me ran.i guess i missed his heart though because he ran after us.he tried to kill us but the cops caught the age of seventeen i had no family but i had a game Hero's Duty.then according to my program two weeks after i turned eighteen i met Brad.then you know."Tamota explained.
"jiminy jaminy!good thing the police caught him or else i would hunt him down and kill the bastered myself!"Felix shouted.Calhoun laughed and wrapped him in a hug.
"so you don't mind me coming over?"Calhoun ask.
you make my nightmares go away!
Calhoun thought.Felix smiled and shook his head.
"nightmares or not!your welcome any time."Felix replied.
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August 28, 2013
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