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Felix was worried.he'd come home and looked for his beautiful wife but she wasn't he checked Game Central Station and she wasn't there.he headed back to his game and got changed.once his Hero Duty armor was on and his gun was loaded and holstered,started on his way.
"Mr.Markowski!"Felix wasn't unusual for Felix to be there.
"hey Privet."Markowski replied with a waive.
"have you seen Sergeant Calhoun?"Felix ask.Markowski thought for a moment.
"she was about to leave someone met her at the gate and they dissapeared inside the base."Markowski replied.he pointed the way they went.
"thanks!"Felix smiled and raced off that way.his armor was a bit heavey but he was used to it by now.he followed the hallways making his way around looking for his wife and this mysterious person.
"hey there Privet."Kohut said.Felix smiled and waived.
"hello Mr.Kohut."Felix waived.Kohut laughed.
"so what are you doing here?"Kohut ask.
"i can't find Sergeant Calhoun have you seen her?"Felix ask.Kohut shook his head.
"she might have a ton of paperwork to do.her office it that way you can't miss it and if she's not there check her room you know where that is right?"Kohut ask.
"yes thank you very much!"Felix smiled and walked in the direction he was pointed.
"no problem Privet."Kohut said and walked off.Felix made his way to her office.
"he was right you can't miss it."Felix snorted.the door said
Sergeant Calhoun!enter at your own risk!seriously...
Felix gulped but opened the door was empty so he shrugged and turned to go to her room when he saw something.he walked over and looked at it before he gasp.there was blood on the wall.he pulled his gun out and ran toward his wife's housing.he got to her room and paused outside the door.he heard a smake and a short cry.
"you worthless piece of crap!"a voice said.he heard Tamora cry out.Felix grawled and took his gun off saftey.he burst through the door with a glare."who are you?!"the man shouted.
"Felix!"Calhoun shouted.he could see the bruises and cuts on her and she was laying on the floor bleeding.she had a bullet wound meaning the man had her gun.
"who are you?"Felix ask pointing the gun at him.
"Max her father you twit!"Max shouted.he swung at Felix but he ducked.when he came back up and swung his gun and hit Max across the face with it.
"you can't be!your beating the crap out of her!"Felix shouted.
"this has nothing to do with you pipsqueak!this worthless peice of crap deserves it!"Max replied and punched Felix.Felix's body shook with anger.he pointed gun at him and stormed forward.
"DON'T YOU DARE!you can call me Pipsqueak!and you can punch me but no one calls my wife worthless!"Felix grawled.he shot once and Max doubled over.Felix ran over to Calhoun."Tammy are you ok?"Felix ask.
"Fix-it look out!"Calhoun said.she grunted and pushed him backwards.the bullet barley missed Felix's head and instead hit his shoulder.he huffed and put his heltmet on.
"thank mod for bullet proof armor."Felix said and evil smirk on his face as he looked at Max."so you think it's cool to hit women do you?you think it's fun to beat the shit out of them untill they can't even speak huh?lets see how you like it!"Felix shouted.two shots rang out and a shouted.the noise alerted her men that there was the time they got there Felix had emptied the ten round clip in the gun.
"HALT!"Markowski shouted.he grabed the gun from Felix's hand and Felix ran over to Calhoun his anger quickly falling to worry.Felix quickly pulled out his hammer and tapped Tamora's wounds.they healed instantly and Felix helpped her up.
"Sarge are you ok?"Kohut ask.Calhoun nodded.
"yes just remove this man from the game."Calhoun muttered glaring at her father.her men nodded and dragged him out.
"mind telling me what happened here,Privet?"Kohut ask handing him back his gun.Felix huffed and holstered his gun.
"it's not my business to tell."Felix muttered.Kohut looked at him stangly he was never angry."but he better leave her alone!"Felix shouted and stormed out.
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