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It's not fair
Felix thought.he'd never seen anything other then Brad memories that had ever made his wife cry.nothing nothing at all.but this baby.this one little baby did.she was supposed to be heathly.this wasn't supposed to happen.Tamora had given birth to a little girl and they thought she was healthy but they only got to see her twice.Tamora was on her knee's crying and Felix punched the doctor.he went and sat beside her hugging her the best her could.
it's not fair!
Tamora pulled him in and cuddled him to her chest still crying.they didn't notice the outside world.
"not my baby."Calhoun muttered.she squeazed Felix tighter."not my little girl."Calhoun cried.
it's not fair!
"it's just not fudging fair!"Felix shook his head.he would stay strong for his wife.he had to she needed him right now.he'd be there for her he always was wether she needed him or not and right now she needed someone stable for matter how strong he pretended to be though,it would kill him on the inside.
finally!sorry it's short I've got writer's block and school and guitar lessons...
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August 20, 2013
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